The activities described in this proposal will directly contribute to the technology developments foreseen in the FOF MultiAnnual Roadmap (MAR), particularly for the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and Research & Innovation (RI) priorities, confirming the wide alignment of the LAY2FORM project with these.

Thus, the LAY2FORM concept, consortium setup and work-plan were defined following the vision of the FOF work programme in respect to create innovative manufacturing capabilities in knowledge-intensive processes. In fact, based on the high integration and compatibility potential of the several individual process solutions here involved, the following set of operational advantages will be demonstrated, aiming to facilitate its faster adoption and exploitation:

  • Reduction of production time, through the integration of operations and the reduction of idling time between manufacturing steps
  • Reduction of production cost through process integration and improved manufacturing quality
  • Resource efficiency improved by reducing the use of raw materials and energy consumption
  • Strengthened global position of European manufacturing industry through intensive implementation of innovative and unconventional technologies
  • Low capital investment solutions available for SME uptake